Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book 64 of 2008: Diary of a Sex Fiend: Girl with a One Track Mind by Abby Lee

Book Description:

A sensational bestseller in England, here is the revealing diary of a young woman honest enough to put all of her sexual thoughts and erotic emotions in print.

Who says men think about sex more than women do? Abby Lee is a smart, determined young woman who for almost three years has been writing an online journal about her sex life. Her writing is everything that writing about sex should be—frank, hysterical, provocative, and completely honest. Her website quickly attracted thousands of hits a day, with both men and women drawn to her observations about masturbation, one-night stands, and same-sex encounters. Girl with a One Track Mind is a year-long diary of Abby's desires, fantasies, and anxieties as she tries to answer the question: why do I always think about sex? Celebrating both her sensuality and her physical needs, Abby explores a swingers' club and a Dominatrix dungeon, and even participates in a pre-arranged three-way (which ends without any satisfaction for her). In between her new experiences are run-ins with lifelong friends; potential romances; and long, frustrating nights when all she really wants is a "great shag." Whether she's offering a girl's guide to understanding date-speak or explaining to her parents why there's a racy picture of her on their computer, Abby writes with a ribald eye and a fearless heart.

My Opinion:

So one would think that having taken me almost two years to finally get through this book that the book actually sucked, but that was SO not the case! The major delay in me finishing this book was the fact that it got so intense (read "erotic") at times that I just had to put it down to move onto something else. *blush* I finally was determined to finish it though before the end of the year because I didn't want to see it on my Shelfari shelf come 2009 and so I did. LOL! And boy it got steamy! Whew!!! Anyway, this book is chock-full of sexual adventures that Abby went through over the course of a year and shows how she learned about herself and what she wanted in life more so during that time. The ending of the book didn't have one of those expected "oh-so-happy-endings" that are so predictable and I was quite happy about that. It seemed more realistic (and like my life) when it turned out differently for her in the end. I definitely say this is worth a read to anyone that enjoys reading erotica as it is definitely erotic... and it's even better knowing that it's a true story!

You can keep track of Abby Lee even more at her blog as I just stumbled across it online (and I now see that there was a link to it at the beginning of the book as well, which I probably noticed two years ago... LOL!!!):


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