Monday, June 16, 2008

Book 37 of 2008: Escape! by Various Authors

Book Description:

Follow your fantasies for fun in the sun with eighteen of your favorite Changeling authors!

This anthology contains the eighteen previously released Escape! novellas. These titles are all available as individual e-book releases.

Back -- titles only
Runaway Home -- Camille Anthony
Firefighter's Sour -- Tuesday Morrigan
The Frog in the Room -- Jade Buchanan
Lunar Lovers -- Kira Stone
Pool Boys -- Sierra Dafoe
Gator Bait -- Mary Winter
Isle of Dreams -- Alexis Fleming
Demon Ahoy! -- Cassandra Kane
Sex on the Beach? -- Willa Okati
I Dream of Jimmy -- Fiona Jayde
Devilish Fantasy -- Marie Treanor
For A Good Time Call -- Amelia Elias
Werewolf Cove -- Marteeka Karland
Gremlins -- Isabelle Spurrier
Room Service -- Cat Marsters
Island Dreamin' -- Kate Douglas
Midnight Sun -- Alecia Monaco
Sex in the Sand -- B.J. McCall

My Opinion:

Well, this is probably the first book I've read this year that I mostly disliked. There were 18 stories in it that consisted on average of 10-12 pages each. Out of those 18... I actually liked 6 pretty well... the rest, well... a few of them had a decent sex scene... 1 particular story about a pair of gay vampires had me laughing and telling everyone about it just because of the whole idea of the story (though the story itself was quite corny in a way)... and the rest well... they just sucked! I'm not saying I wouldn't give these authors another go because I definitely would. I know it's hard to write a good story within a 10 page limit so I would never judge an author based on that alone, but I just was really disappointed in this book overall. I did want to list out the 6 stories that I did really enjoy in case anyone is curious though so you'll find them below:

Pool Boys by Sierra Dafoe (this one was just hot! loved the whole fantasy behind it)

Isle of Dreams by Alexis Fleming (yet another really hot one with a decent plot)

I Dream of Jimmy by Fiona Jayde (quite comical and sexy... I must check out more by this author)

Devilish Fantasy by Marie Treanor (this one had me laughing the most)

Werewolf Cove by Marteeka Karland (the story behind this one was sweet and a bit different so I liked it)

Island Dreamin' by Kate Douglas (the best story in the book... with the most plot... and very sexy!!!)

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