Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book 44 of 2008: Dangerous Pleasures by Bertrice Small

Book Description:

Widowed with five children, stay at home mom Annie Miller has been just getting by—and growing restless because of it. Thinking Annie just needs a vacation, her sister enters her into a contest sponsored by The Channel, a network that caters to delivering women's fantasies. Annie wins the grand prize, a week at a luxurious spa—and gets a treat when she turns on the flat-screen TV. The one working channel lets Annie program—and experience—her own personal fantasy each night. Suddenly she's living out dreams she didn't even know she had. But now that she's experienced a complete sexual awakening, how will everyone in her former life handle this humble homemaker turned vivacious vixen?

My Opinion:

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I waited for almost a year for this book to come out as it's the fourth in the series. Bertrice Small does a fabulous job writing contemporary erotica and this is an excellent series! This particular book is probably my favorite of the series thus far as the fantasies involved had to do with 1) Beauty & the Beast (which is my favorite fairy tale) and 2) a bit of master/slave. I'm hoping that this will not be the last book of this series as with the spas being opened in this book I think Small has opened many new doors for future books to come. I am going to try emailing her as I did after her last release to find out what I can about future releases and I'll come back and comment here if I find out anything.

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