Thursday, October 16, 2008

Book 52 of 2008: Darkness Wakes of Tim Waggoner

Book Description:

In the small town of Ptolemy, darkness is a living thing. Its home is in the shadows of a bizarre club named Penumbra, where it is worshipped by followers who need the pleasure it gives them. They live for it. And they kill for it.

When Aaron was first introduced to Penumbra, he thought it was just a secret club where members could indulge their kinkier fantasies. As he learned the club's true purpose, he began to change in subtle, horrible ways. Now it's time for Aaron to prepare his first human sacrifice. It's too late for him to back out now, but murder is the least of Penumbra's sins. The true terror is still to come, when...Darkness Wakes.

My Opinion:

Yet another fabulous book from Waggoner! I've enjoyed every book Leisure book that has been put out by this wonderful author and I hope that there will be more to come in the near future. Waggoner has a way of mixing horror and sex together in such a way that it just fits perfectly... not to mention the fact that his imagery is so detailed that you can actually picture pretty much every scene in great detail. I highly recommend his books to any fan of the horror genre that doesn't mind graphic details in their reads.

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