Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book 56 of 2008: Needles & Sins by John Everson

Book Description:

Roses scented with bitter deception, Oracles redolent in hidden redemption, a body-mod-obsessed ingenue with an amputee fetish and a demon gone soft on a bitter angel. Dreamcatchers, an alternate Nativity with a pimp God and a non-compliant Mary, Stupid Bitch the three-legged cat and the secret explanation of how Germany almost won the war with the devil on their side. These are just a few of the provocative sets in these 19 stories rife with "Needles & Sins"...

My Opinion:

I HIGHLY recommend this anthology to fans of horror! There is a variety of stories of all kinds and I found myself only disliking 1 story in the whole book and even that one I am considering re-reading as I think I may have been distracted at the time of. Definitely give this book a shot as Everson has created a mix of bizarro, eroticism, kink, horror, fantasy, etc... A must read for fans of dark fantasy, horror, and erotic horror!

Some of my favorite stories in this book include:

Something Inside
The Beginning Was the End
The Char-Lee
Green Green Glass
Mutilation Street
And Then Some
After the Fifth Step

And if short stories aren't your thing... read this book anyway! I typically am not the biggest fan of short stories, but I LOVED these! The last 5 stories in this book are all circus themed and are all tied together so it's kinda like reading a short novella.

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