Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book 56 of 2009: The Cannibals of Candyland by Carlton Mellick III

Franklin Pierce witnessed something very traumatic as a child. His brother and sisters were devoured by a candy woman with cotton candy hair, a belly like a giant circus lollipop, and marshmallow breasts. Due to this, he has made it his mission in life to track down the candy people and to destroy them. Franklin buys a gun so he can kill the candy people, then stumbles into a candy person on the street and shoots him. The candy person doesn't die right away and Franklin follows him back to the secret "Candyland". There he runs into Jujy, the candy woman who killed his siblings. Jujy takes Franklin into her home and eventually turns him into a candy person himself. But can a human actually be turned into a candy person without repercussions?

Candyland was one of my all-time favorite games as a kid, so when I saw this book was being released I was ecstatic! Also, I thought the cover art for this book was absolutely gorgeous. I finally received the book and read Mellick's note at the beginning of the book, I saw that the book actually had nothing to do with the board game, but that it was his inspiration for the book, and I was still ready to devour it. From start to finish this book is a delicacy! Mellick uses such vivid language to describe the candy people and the world they inhabit that I had a very clear image of what they all looked like. There are also some humorous moments in the book that keep the story light and balance out the gore level of the book. It was a well-rounded read and will be a great addition to the bizarro lover's collection. Highly recommended!

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Cannibalism, Gore, Violence

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