Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book 20 of 2008: Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Book Description:

Okay, so cats don’t always land on their feet

I know that better than most. Since rejoining the Pride, I’ve made big decisions and even bigger mistakes: the kind paid for with innocent lives. As the first and only female enforcer, I have plenty to prove to my father, the Pride, and myself. And with murdered toms turning up in our territory, I’m working harder than ever , though I always find the energy for a little after-hours recreation with Marc, my partner both on and off duty.

But not all my mistakes are behind me. We’re beginning to suspect that the dead are connected to a rash of missing human women, and that they can all be laid at my feet--two or four, take your pick. And one horrible indiscretion may yet cost me more than I can bear...

My Opinion:

First off... I have to say how much I absolutely LOVE the covers of Rachel Vincent’s books. In case you haven’t seen the cover of the first book in this series, I’ll post it here as well:

I just think the color scheme and the design is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure who did the cover art, but I definitely hope to see more by them!

At any rate... on to the story. This book continued on where STRAY left off. (see my 2007 reading blog for my review of STRAY) There are several different events taking place in this book, yet all of them are tied together in one way or another... werecat killings, stripper kidnappings, human-turned-stray, etc... Vincent leaves little "down time" in the book as it is chock full of action scenes. I loved it from start to finish and found myself enjoying it even more than STRAY, but mainly due to the fact the characters are growing on me so much. The characters are absolutely fabulous and believeable. All of the "drama" between Faythe and Marc cracks me up and I keep on cheering for Jace, but I have a feeling where things will end up there in the end. LOL!!! I also found myself laughing at several other scenes in the book, the most memorable being when Faythe was flinging cassette tapes in order to attack someone and refused to use a classic Aerosmith cassette, so in turn tossed the Thompson Twins. Ha ha!!!

Unfortunately, the book left a major cliffhanger at the end and now I’m left waiting until the fall to find out what is going to happen next. Drat!!! Can’t these books get published faster?!?!? LOL!!! Seriously though, I am highly anticipating the 3rd book of this series, PRIDE, and commend Rachel Vincent for how wonderful she has done in writing this series thus far. I hope that she continues on with this story for many more books and one day moves on to some other storylines as I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of her writing style.

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