Saturday, March 29, 2008

Movie 19 of 2008: 21

Movie Description:

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is an MIT student who – needing to pay school tuition – finds answers in counting cards. In his non-linear equations class, he amazes his professor, Mickey Rosa, by correctly understanding variable change and correctly solving the Monty Hall Problem. As a superior math and statistics student, he is recruited to join a group of mathematically-gifted students that heads to Las Vegas every weekend with fake identities and the know-how to turn the odds at blackjack in their favor. Unorthodox math professor Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey) leads the way. By counting cards and employing an intricate system of signs and signals, the team can beat the casinos. Drawn by the money, the Vegas lifestyle, and his teammate, Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth), Ben begins to push the limits. Though counting cards isn’t illegal, the stakes are high, and the challenge becomes not only keeping the numbers straight, but staying one step ahead of the casinos’ menacing enforcer, Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne).

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My Opinion:

I went to see this not realizing until it started that this movie is based on the book, BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE by Ben Mezrich. (see below for cover art of original book) I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and thought that all of the actors/actresses did a fabulous job. The plotline was extremely interesting with the whole "counting cards" thing as I was finding myself trying to remember all the methods that they were using. Ha ha!!! I’ve never played BlackJack in a casino, nor will I ever most likely, but it still was intriguing to me. Typically I won’t read a book once I’ve seen the movie of it as it kind of ruins it for me, but I am curious to see how much more there was to the book considering how much I enjoyed the movie. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a comedy/action movie.

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