Saturday, May 10, 2008

Book 29 of 2008: Night Life by Ray Garton

Book Description:

Davey Owen is a man with a death sentence. Nearly twenty years and a lifetime ago, Davey battled a circle of vampires and survived... forever changed. Many of the vampires were destroyed, but the ones who escaped have been hunting Davey ever since. Now they've found him. The passing years have only intensified their thirst for revenge, and at last their prey is within sight. They will make sure that this time he does not escape. They will not rest until Davey pays for what he did to them. With his last drop of blood.

My Opinion:

This was the sequel to the last book I read, LIVE GIRLS, and I liked the way the story continued on. I also liked how this sequel pretty much forced the reader to have read the prequel in order to fully get the background instead of doing a bunch of flashbacks within the story taking up the word count of what should be a completely new novel. (thank you Ray!) I will say that I agree with Garton in that this wasn't his strongest novel, but I still enjoyed the story. I just felt that his writing style wasn't as strong as it had been in the other books I had read by him. Considering the stuff he was going through during the time he was writing it though, I completely understand. I enjoyed how the characterization progressed with Davey and Benedek in this story and hope to learn more about the futures of all the remaining character's of NIGHT LIFE in a future novel.

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