Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book 14 of 2009: The Hunger of Empty Vessels by Scott Edelman

Scott Edelman's novella, The Hunger of Empty Vessels, tells the tale of a man named Portabello, who is dealing with divorce and not being able to see his son, Joey, on a regular basis. As the days go on Portabello starts to see someone watching Joey. When bad things seem to happen to him, he believes this "person" is the cause. Portabello decides it is his duty as the father to protect his son, but will protecting his son do more harm than good?

This is the first thing I have ever read by Edelman and I am quite impressed by his writing style. His choice of subject is far scarier than most "monster" type horror books as it hits closer to home with some people and makes them really think. Kudos to Edelman for writing about it in such a lyrical way. Recommended.

(Review also posted on MonsterLibrarian.Com)

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