Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book 15 of 2009: Covenant by John Everson

Covenant is John Everson's first mass market release. Reporter Joe Kieran hears about a suicide taking place off of a cliff, but his boss tells him not to bother writing up a big report. Joe finds this to be strange, because it is the first “big” story he has encountered since moving to the small town of Terrel. Joe decides to dig into things on his own, without authorization, and discovers that suicides have been happening on this same cliff year after year, on the same day, for hundreds of years. Joe realizes that he must be facing something much more surreal than just a mere suicide.

Covenant starts off like a mystery, transitions to a thriller, and then to an all out horror novel! Everson has a wonderful way of depicting scenes. Throughout this book you really can visualize all the scenes as you read them. Many times I felt like I was right there in the room (or cave) with the characters, watching the scenes taking place in front of me. This was actually my second time reading this book and I must say I think I actually enjoyed it even more this time around. This is a great read for all horror fans, though unsuspecting readers may want to be aware that there is a rape scene in the latter part of the book. Highly Recommended.

Contains: Violence, Sexual Situation, Rape, Adult Language

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