Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book 38 of 2010: The Zombie Cookbook edited by Kim Richards

The Zombie Cookbook is an enjoyable collection of short stories by a variety of authors. Some of my personal favorites include "A Zombie's APB", by Cinsearae Santiago, the story of a disgruntled zombie; "Secret Ingredient", by Lisa Haselton, in which a husband hires on a zombie to help his wife run her restaurant; and "My Big Fat Zombie Wedding", by Karina Fabian, which tells a story of a girl falling in love with a zombie and trying to gain her family's acceptance of the situation. In addition to the short stories, several pieces of zombie artwork are included, and recipes are sprinkled within for the daring reader to use their brains to make, literally. The Zombie Cookbook is a must-have for zombie enthusiasts, and also a welcome addition to the collections of all horror fans. I would recommend it for all library collections.

Forward by members of the metal band, The Zombie Cookbook.
Wokking Dead By Karina L. Fabian
Secret Ingredient by Lisa Haselton
A Zombie Named Clete By Lisa Haselton
Beer-Battered Zombie with Butternut Squash By Becca Butcher
The Right Recipe By Lin Neiswender
Quick & Easy Zombie Pastie by Kate Sender
Express Cuisine by Dawn Marshallsay
Brain Food By Carla Girtman
Brain Salad for Dummies by Scott Virtes
A Zombie’s APB By Cinsearae Santiago
My Big Fat Zombie Wedding by Karina Fabian

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