Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book 40 of 2010: The Frenzy Way by Gregory Lamberson

Part horror, part police procedural, The Frenzy Way is a madcap ride of killings and chases as police captain Anthony Mace tries to hunt down a serial killer who appears to be of the wolf variety. It is unknown at first exactly who or “what” the killer is, and lots of investigations are made in order to determine what the police are facing. In addition, at each crime scene the killer leaves a calling card of sorts by writing words on the wall in various languages with the victim’s blood, and all of the words translate to “werewolf”. Also, it appears that the victim’s heads have been taken from each scene by the killer. Is he taking these as souvenirs for himself or using them for some other reason? This is one of many questions that Mace and his team must answer as they hunt down the killer.

As with all of Gregory Lamberson’s novels, The Frenzy Way is fast-paced and intense! The killer Lamberson has created is one of the best I’ve come across in a long-time. He’s sneaky, seductive, and scary as hell! Along with a great cast, The Frenzy Way also has numerous graphic scenes that all gore-hounds will love. Some of my favorite moments in the book were when a girl was having sex with the killer only to turn around and see a wolf behind them. I can only imagine the terror each of those victims faced at that moment. Additionally, several murder scenes were fleshed out in detail. None of the gore was overdone, as is the case in some novels where it’s just tossed in to gross-out the reader. Lamberson keeps the story flowing from beginning to end with the reader not able to stop turning the page due to the anticipation of what is next to come! The Frenzy Way would make a great addition to any library’s collection, whether it is a public library or a horror fanatic’s personal collection.

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Sex, Gore, Violence, Mutilation

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