Friday, July 16, 2010

Book 69 of 2010: Wolf's Bluff by W.D. Gagliani

Wolf’s Bluff is the third installment in W.D. Gagliani’s Wolf Cycle series. Homicide cop/werewolf Nick Lupo is back again and facing off against Wolfpaw Security. He is starting to believe it may very well consist of a full staff of werewolves. Lupo knows that getting himself involved in this case also puts his closest friends, including his girlfriend Jessie, at risk of harm as well. While looking into the Wolfpaw case, Lupo also gets wind of a series of “animal attacks” that are taking place in Wausau. Could the two be connected? It’s up to Lupo to find out. Will Lupo be able to take down this shifty group (no pun intended) before anyone else gets hurt?

Once again Gagliani has created a wonderful addition to the werewolf subgenre. Fans of this subgenre will definitely want to check out this novel, along with the two previous books in the series, as Gagliani puts a bit of a spin on werewolves. Most werewolf novels tend to either have all good werewolves or all bad, but Gagliani mixes things up. Lupo is an all-around good guy and does everything he can to control the “creature” within him. Unfortunately, he runs into a lot of people that can’t control their own “creatures”, and feels he’s the only one truly capable of getting things back under control. Due to this and the relationships he makes throughout, readers can’t help but sympathize and grow attached to Lupo’s character. He’s very likable, despite some of the “mistakes” he makes within this particular book. Everyone within the story better hope that nothing ever happens to him, because I tend to agree with him… if he can’t take down the bad guys, I don’t think anybody can!

This book would make a great addition to any library looking to expand its horror and/or werewolf sections.

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Gore, Sex

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