Sunday, July 25, 2010

Book 70 of 2010: The Killing Kind by Bryan Smith

Rob Scott thought he was having a typical day, pumping gas at the local Kwik Mart, until Roxie, the goth chick he was ogling from across the street decides to hijack both him and his car for a psychotic road trip to Myrtle Beach in order to hunt down a group of rich college kids that happened to have made fun of the wrong girl that day. Of course, Rob would be lucky if Roxie were the least of his worries. Unfortunately, she’s not the ONLY psychopath out there nowadays and she’s even in for a few surprises along the way as they head towards the beach.

Known for his fast-paced and gory storylines, Bryan Smith doesn’t disappoint his fans with this madcap road trip adventure. Filled with psycho hillbillies with a few mental instabilities, insane chicks, snobby co-eds, and even a good ol’ boy, Smith sets the scene for ANYTHING to happen! Anything you think WON’T happen, does, and anything you think WILL happen, for the most part, doesn’t. The Killing Kind is one surprise after another and leaves the reader both cringing and peeking through their fingers, not wanting to miss what is going to happen next. Highly recommended to any horror fans that can handle the nastiness which comes with a gory novel.

Contains: Adult language, Adult Situations, Sex, Violence, Gore

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