Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 Reads

Okay, I've never been good at keeping blogs and I always say I'm going to change, but... this time I hope I mean it! I'm going to try keeping track of the following regarding the books I read this year:

- Title/Author (duh!)
- Book Description
- Genre
- Number of Pages
- Time-frame I read the book in
- where I got the book from & how much it cost (if I remember)
- Opinion of the book (although I can't promise I'll go into detail as I'm not a reviewer kinda person)


  1. Rhonda,

    Do you put your thoughts on the book in the JE? In my book blog, all I do is provide a link to book on BC.

  2. In the past, no, I haven't put anything in the JEs... although I may at least try to copy and paste from here before I send the books onto somewhere else.

  3. Oh... of course, I never even bothered to put my thoughts down before... I'm hoping that I can stick with it this year though... LOL!!!

  4. Just happened to come across your blog here.
    Hope you keep up with it. Nice to see what you think.
    Good Luck!