Thursday, January 25, 2007

Book #4 - Sleeping with the Fishes by MaryJanice Davidson

ISBN: 0515142220
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 272pp
Pub. Date: November 28, 2006
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Dates Read: 01/14/07-01/16/07 and 01/25/07-01/27/07 (5 days)
Series: I believe it will be a series, but not sure of title yet since it's the first one
Borrowed a copy from CTGMOM and then was also sent a copy from Noumena12... LOL!!!

From the Publisher

Fred is a mermaid. But stop right there. Whatever image you're thinking of right now, forget it. Fred is not blonde. She's not busom. And she's definitely not perky. In fact, Fred can be downright cranky. And it doesn't help matters that her hair is ocean-colored.

Being a mermaid does help Fred when she works at the New England Aquarium. But, needless to say, it's there that she gets involved in something fishy. Weird levels of toxins have been found in the local water. A gorgeous marine biologist wants her help investigating. So does her mer-person ruler, the High Prince of the Black Sea. You'd think it would be easy for a mermaid to get to the bottom of things. Think again...

What I thought of the book

I had heard a lot of people disappointed in this book, but I loved it! I guess I'm less picky than some and can take a bit more "fluff" in my reading. This definitely was a fun & fluffy read and I can't wait for the next book in the series... unfortunately, there is no clue to when the next book will come out. I loved all the characters in the book, but I have to agree with CTGMOM that Fred's friend, Jonas, definitely made the book! He was frickin' hysterical!!!

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  1. I like fluff just fine, I just didn't think the story was done that well. I, too, enjoyed Jonas, but did not like Fred at all. Which is too bad, 'cause she's the main character, and you should usually like the main character of the book.