Friday, March 2, 2007

Book #10 - How To Rescue a Dead Princess by Jeff Strand

ISBN: 1594264538
Format: Trade Paperback, 186pp
Pub. Date: July 7, 2006
Genre: Comic Fantasy
Dates Read: 03/03/07 - 03/04/07 (2 days)
Not part of a series
Purchased at for $12.00

From the Publisher

From the creative genius who would have brought you Hamlet, The Scarlet Letter, and a less-boring Moby Dick (if he'd been born on time) comes this outrageous comic fantasy. It's a tale filled with so much adventure, so much excitement, so much vocabulary, that all who read it will suffer a fit of giddiness that will freak out everyone in their general vicinity.

It's the saga of Randall, a squire assigned to escort the lovely Princess Janice on a diplomatic journey of utmost importance. Then she gets killed. Now Randall must overcome desperate odds and ridiculous dangers in his quest to bring her back to life...before the entire Generic Fantasy Land falls into the evil clutches of The Dark One!

Packed to the bursting point with unrestrained silliness (so be sure to hold it a safe distance from your face when reading), How to Rescue a Dead Princess is the novel all the really cool people are reading this year, an epic fantasy for your family to cherish approximately forever.

My Opinion of the Book

So I get addicted to MySpace because I found that I can actually talk to authors on there, which got me extremely excited! I come across Jeff Strand (whose books I've thoroughly enjoyed thus far) and end up chatting it up with him. This leads me to tracking down even MORE of his books and went a bit crazy on various sites trying to find his books. At any rate, Jeff is a fantastic guy and author! DEAD PRINCESS was just the book I needed this weekend because I was having a very depressing weekend. Thanks to Strand's book I was able to laugh my way through all the stress and avoid yet ANOTHER migraine! I don't want to spoil anything from the book by commenting directly about anything inside, but I'm going to highly recommend this book to any and all that need a good laugh... yes, it's a bit silly, but we all need silly from time to time. I still think his Andrew Mayhem series is better, but this one is not far behind them!

"Oh defecate!!!" (one of my fave lines from DEAD PRINCESS) I almost forgot, you should go check out Jeff Strand's website:


  1. You know you want to let me read this now. *whistle*

  2. I s'pose I could loan it to ya... if you're nice enough. *whistle* This is gonna be a PC book for sure... as are all of his books from now on! :D