Sunday, March 4, 2007

Book #11 - Pressure by Jeff Strand

ISBN: 0976633949
Format: Hardback, 239pp
Pub. Date: August 1, 2006
Genre: Horror
Dates Read: 03/05/07-02/10/07 (6 days)
Not part of a series
Bought on for $25

From the Publisher

Alex stared at the red pocketknife shown to him by his daughter. A pocketknife owned by somebody he hadn't seen in years... CHILDREN They met first in boarding school at age twelve. Alex Fletcher, shy and scared. Darren Rust, always furiously scribbling away in a private journal. It was not an immediate friendship, but then one night Darren convinced his roommate to sneak off school grounds to see something glorious. There was a sleazy strip club, you see, and every once in a while the back door opened just long enough to maybe catch a quick glimpse... Though a bond was formed from their pre-pubescent interest in completely naked women, Darren had another interest. A morbid curiosity about death. A curiosity that turned into something much more sinister. FRIENDS They crossed paths again in college and became the best of friends. But Darren wasn't just looking for a friend. He had dark, ghastly urges squirming around in his mind, and he believed he saw the same things--the urge to hurt, the urge to kill--in Alex. He was looking for somebody who understood. A partner. But Alex could never become a monster. Not even when Darren tried to bring out his friend's most deeply buried feelings of rage. Not even when Darren tried to show him the euphoria of having that much power over another human being. It just couldn't happen...right? ENEMIES Now Alex has a wife and a daughter. And Darren is back. He's hiding. He's patient. His mind is twisted in the worst possible way. And he's seeking a soul mate.

My Opinion of the Book

Jeff was right when he said this book isn't like his others. I'm a huge fan of his comic/horror Andrew Mayhem series and I do think that I enjoy that writing-style of his more so than that of PRESSURE, but I did enjoy PRESSURE and would read other books by Strand written in this style. It's nice to see authors having various writing styles and being able to pull them all off! :) PRESSURE is a very weird book and Darren is just a f'ed up character. I hope I never meet anyone like him! *shudders*

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  1. How did you finish the book before you started it?
    03/05/07-02/10/07 (6 days)

    LOL You might want to change that 2 to a 3. ;)