Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 - A Year In Books

Top 5 Books Read:

1. Sacrifice by John Everson

2. The Sinister Mr. Corpse by Jeff Strand

3. Needles & Sins by John Everson

4. Bound by Sasha White

5. Pandora Drive by Tim Waggoner

Close Runner-Up: Johnny Gruesome by Greg Lamberson

Also Close Runner-Up: Jigsaw Man by Gord Rollo

Top 5 New-To-Me Authors of 2008:

1. John Everson (below is a picture from where I got to meet him back in September!!!)

2. Sasha White
3. Tim Waggoner
4/5. J.A. Konrath, Gord Rollo, Jack Ketchum, and Gina Ranalli

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