Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Totals

This year I've been working a bit on de-cluttering my apartment. I haven't gotten nearly as far as I'd have liked, but I'm still working and hope to increase the pace now that the new year has started as that is becoming one of my main focuses. One of the biggest projects of that is thinning out Mt. To-Be-Read as I probably had around 20,000 books here in this small 2 bedroom townhouse apartment. That leaves very little space for anything else and therefore with everything else I have... that leaves little room to walk or for me. So... lots of books must go!!! I'm managed to get rid of close to 20 largish boxes of books already which is a good start, but still not nearly enough! I had a hard time at first in thinning them out because I kept thinking about how I haven't read them yet and I MIGHT want to read them SOMEDAY, but... then I started realizing that I really am only focussing on reading very few genres from all the genres I have here and so the "weeding out" process has become much easier!

My books read total in 2008 was 65, which is sad considering how many books I have yet to read here, but good for me compared to some of my past years and how busy my life stays. But within that 65 here's the breakdown of what genres I actually read:

Horror - 28
Erotica - 15
Paranormal Romance - 7
Contemporary Romance - 3
Bizarro - 2
Memoir (both of which were erotica basically) - 2
Mystery - 2
Paranormal Mystery - 2
Urban Fantasy - 2
Teen (Paranormal Romance) - 1
Straight Fiction - 1

So basically, I'm not touching my horror, erotica, or paranormal bookcases as I'd have a REALLY hard time thinning those out, but everything else is getting dumped majorly! I'm sure my apartment will breathe a sigh of relief once I get everything thinned out as that's a LOT of weight getting out of here!!!

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