Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book 18 of 2009: Soultaker by Bryan Smith

Jake McAllister’s mother is worried because his younger brother, Trey, has been acting weird since he started hanging out with his new girlfriend, Myra. Although Jake can't believe that one girl could really make that drastic of a difference in Trey, he returns home to check things out anyway. What Jake doesn't realize upon his arrival is that most of the females in town consider Myra a leader, and that they are starting to overpower the men in town. Jake meets up with a love interest, Kristen, and together they try to save Trey from Myra's clutches, and stop the harvesting of souls that they have discovered is Myra's ultimate goal.

Soultaker has many strong points. Character development is particularly strong. There are several key characters in this book and Smith detailed each of them and their growth throughout the book beautifully. I truly felt that I got to know the characters as the story progressed. A lot of authors tend to focus on one or maybe two characters, but Smith continued a detailed progression of change of at least six people. Fair warning to those who don't like sex, this novel is a bit heavy on sexual content, but Smith writes it well and for this story it's fitting. Highly Recommended.

Contains: Sex, Violence, Profanity

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