Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book 25 of 2010: Wonderland 3: King of Diamonds by Cheyenne McCray

First off, the cover art pictured here is absolutely great for the book as I vividly had this scene in my mind when it came up in the book. Of course, if I recall correctly, the girl was without the lower fabric... LOL!!! Can't put that on the cover though. *grin* Anyway... this book may have been my favorite in the series so far as it was dealing with Karn, the King of Diamonds, battling with his inner self and trying to avoid falling in love due to events that have happened in his past. Also, Annie, the main girl in the story, is dealing with learning about her sexual side as she is taken to Wonderland as a virgin. So both characters have a lot of "waking up" to do and watching both characters change throughout the book is a beautiful process.

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