Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book 34 of 2010: Carnageland by David W. Barbee

David W. Barbee takes readers on a madcap adventure as the alien Invader 898 goes on his first mission. Sent to a planet full of twisted characters of fairy tale and fable, Invader 898 and his trusty Doomshooter are ready to take over. One thing that Invader 898 did not expect, however, is the reaction of the green flesh between his legs. Upon viewing salacious sights of the inhabits of this new planet, he has a hard time controlling this green flesh that tends to form the shape of a trumpet and play music. Will Invader 898 be able to conquer this planet before the urge to give in to temptation becomes too strong, or will he give in to the pornographic delights and fail? Readers of the bizarro genre will not want to miss Invader 898's tale in Barbee's first release through Eraserhead Press, included in the New Bizarro Author Series. Carnageland is chock full of familiar characters, looked at in a whole new light. I found myself amused at every turn by Barbee's depictions of these characters and how Invader 898 reacts to each one, and the description of Invader 898's "trumpet" is a brilliant idea. Sure brings a new meaning to one saying they are horny! This novella kept me laughing non-stop and wanting more once the last page was read. Barbee definitely has a promising future in the world of bizarro and I would recommend all libraries adding it to their collections for readers to enjoy.

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex

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