Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Book 28 of 2010: Symptoms of a Broken Heart by Cory Cramer

In Symptoms of a Broken Heart, Cory Cramer tells the story of two sisters, Susan and Lisa, who go on a special trip to New Orleans in order to celebrate Susan's birthday. The sisters couldn't be more opposite in that Lisa has always been the "wild child" and Susan the quiet, reserved one. Susan is also preparing to get married to the one and only man she has ever been with and has decided that this trip will be her one big adventure before tying herself down. Little does she know that the "Full Moon" party, hosted by a society of werewolf and vampire enthusiasts, that Lisa has scheduled for them to attend, could end up more deadly for her than she expects. After Susan's death, Lisa is scared that her family will blame her, and goes on an adventure of her own to cover up what she feels she has caused... even turning to the aid of dark magic.

Cramer has created almost a fairytale with Symptoms of a Broken Heart. This novella is only forty-five pages in length, but has more story wrapped into it than some of the novels I have read. Lisa, our main heroine, seems shallow, especially considering she's more upset regarding the fact she may be accused of getting her sister killed when she was supposed to be looking out for her, than the fact her sister has died. However, Cramer makes us feel sympathy towards her as the story progresses and she deals with one of the most painful experiences one could imagine. However, that sympathy was short-lived, as I found myself doubting her tactics again. The final scenes of this novella will surprise readers and leave them thinking about the outcome long after having read it. Cramer is a talented new author and I plan on seeking out more by him in the future. I would recommend this to all readers of the horror and urban fantasy genres, though some scenes may be a bit too graphic sexually for a younger audience.

Contains: Graphic Sex, Adult Language, Adult Situations

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