Sunday, December 7, 2008

Book 59 of 2008: Sacrifice by John Everson

Book Description:

Ariana is on a killing spree. Dressed in a black vinyl catsuit, she lures men to hotel rooms, where they will leave their bodies behindin multiple pieces. That's the part of the story that the newspapers know. The "Sunday Slasher," as she's dubbed for her habit of leaving behind a corpse every Sunday morning, doesn't just have a wealth of misanthropic bones in her body. She's also got a hunger for ultimate power and control. Through ritual sexual sacrifice, she aims to open the door between this world and the domain of the powerful, but violently perverse Curburide demons. She will be their queen, and they will rape the world.

Joe Kieran is a young reporter who has just left the East Coast port town of Terrel with a demon on his back. Literally. Having forged a covenant with the demon, Malachai, to save the lives of two women, he now has a constant invisible companion, albeit one who is less than trustworthy. When Joe picks up Alex, a teen hitchhiker on her way to the Rocky Mountains, he soon finds that he's been setup by Malachai. Alex is more than just a perky runaway; she has the ability to talk to ghosts, something her right-wing parents forced her to hide. But now she will need that talent more than ever; as Malachai sets them all on the path that can only lead to... Sacrifice.

My Opinion:

After having chatted with John Everson, I knew to expect SACRIFICE to be a bit more intense than COVENANT was, but I didn't quite expect what I got. This book was simply amazing!!! I will warn that this is definitely not a book for those with a weak stomach or those that don't like graphic gore or sex in their reads because there are plenty of both in this book. If those things don't bother you and you want an intense, wild ride, well... this is definitely the book to read! (granted, I recommend first reading COVENANT since it is the predecessor to this one )

In COVENANT I grew to like all the characters who lived in Terrel, but in SACRIFICE... I *loved* all the characters! Everson did a fabulous job in really giving a background story on many new characters (especially 3 of the key roles in the book: Ariana, Alex, and Jeremy) and I really felt connected in some way to all of these characters.

The final chapter of this book disappointed me in for a couple of reasons...

1) I was saddened by the final "sacrifices" of the book.

2) I hated that my adventures with these characters was now over. I could've read on about their lives and adventures for a MUCH longer time.

With all that said, I have now found my new favorite book. Last in that spot was THE SINISTER MR. CORPSE by Jeff Strand, but my true love is actually erotic horror and that is what John Everson has provided me with SACRIFICE. I send many kudos John's way for such a fun-filled ride and look forward to all future releases. And to those that have yet to check out his books, I again say... what are you waiting for?!?!?!

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