Saturday, December 27, 2008

Book 63 of 2008: The Puppy Papers by Puppy Sharon and Steven Toushin

Book Description:

The Puppy Papers is an instant classic in its genre. While the Story of O and the Beauty Series are fantasy, The Puppy Papers is reality.

There is no other book or story that captures so well the honest and real quest of a women's search for her Master in the alternate world of the BDSM lifestyle. The Puppy Papers is an interesting, well-constructed story geared towards the adventurous woman, the vanguard reader, and those thirsting for a story on the cutting edge of sexuality.

The Puppy Papers takes place in the present, as puppy and her prospective Master get to know and learn about each other. This true story follows an average Midwestern woman through her conversational emails with her Master as she describes to him her journey in the world of BDSM with men who called them selves Masters. In their conversations puppy discuses her childhood sexual explorations on how she learned about her body, a subject that women do not discuss. She tells about her discovery of boys, teenage life, her complicated relationship with her church, marriage, motherhood and her professional life, and eventually her profound SM sexual awakening as she cruises the new sexual frontier, the Internet.

Puppys awakening opens her eyes to new sexual worlds, to those desires and needs that laid dormant with in her. She explains her need to submit mentally, emotionally, and sexually as well as her sexual kinks and submissive masochist needs.

The Puppy Papers through open and honest communication allows the reader to follow puppy on her journey in the world of BDSM to find her Master, a man she needs to please and serve. In her liberating awakening, Puppy reveals her life, with wonderment, humor, and a refreshing humility, as she takes us on her quest for completeness to learn, experience and understand this overwhelming need inside her. Puppy is a remarkable woman unaware of her remarkable story who harbors no guilt, remorse or regrets about her needs and choices in life.

My Opinion:

This was an interesting look into one woman's life and journeys through self-discovery. Sharon shared so many of her adventures openly with her Master (as well as us readers) in order to allow him to understand her better. The book truly shows how she opens up to her Master and grows to love him and trust him fully. The D/s lifestyle is taboo for many people, but is actually a very beautiful thing if you truly look at it closer and or have experienced at some point in time yourself. It's one of those things I've learned you don't just judge by a first impression... and honestly, I have learned not to judge most sexual activities without first understanding WHY they are so intriguing to certain people. What interests some people may not interests others, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily "gross" or "evil". I recommend this book to anyone that is curious about the D/s lifestyle and/or anyone that is open-minded enough to look outside of a vanilla sex life to try other things. As this book shows, there are varying levels of D/s so what you expect it to be may not be what it truly is.

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