Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book 8 of 2009: The Severed Nose by Jeff Strand

Strand's latest novella starts off with his main character, Josh White, getting a bit of a shock... he finds a severed nose sitting on a plate on his dining room table. After contemplating his options, Josh decides on the most logical choice, placing it in a baggie in his freezer to "keep it fresh". (I'm sure that's what any of us would do, right?) Josh's initial decision is followed by a string of events that forces him to make more quick decisions, sometimes life threatening, and many of which include a couple of thugs working for the guy behind the severed nose. Is Josh strong enough to take the thugs down and solve the mystery of the severed nose or will he get killed while trying?

It may only be a novella, but there is a lot packed into this "Nose" (pun fully intended). The Severed Nose is filled with action, torture, and laughs. Strand has yet to disappoint me with one of his books. He is the king of comic horror. I read his books when I want a good gross-out, horror novel, yet I also need a good laugh. His books are always laugh out loud funny, and this one is no different. Adding this title to a collection will put a smile on the face of many horror fans. Highly recommended for public libraries.

Contains: Violence, Torture, Mild Gore

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