Saturday, February 28, 2009

Movie 10 of 2009: Autumn In New York

Movie Description:

A May-December romance. He's 48, on the cover of New York magazine, an upscale restaurateur, and a womanizer who rejects ideas of love. She's 22, living with her grandmother, artistic, facing a tumor that's life-threatening, which she tells him about the morning after their first night, when he tells her not to expect permanence from him. Will finds Charlotte unprecedented and unpredictable, and experiences feelings of love, but she packs him off when he's casually unfaithful. He's stung, and he's also flummoxed by the appearance of a young woman from his past. Can he convince Charlotte to take him back, and can he help her through her illness and change his irresponsible ways?

Movie Trailer:

My Opinion:

Sweet movie, but not quite what I was expecting. Glad I finally watched this as I enjoy most movies that star Winona Ryder and this one was enjoyable... but not one of her best. I doubt I'd watch this one again anytime soon, but it was a bit sad and I found myself crying near the end, though that was only partially due to the movie and partially due to the fact I was having a really bad day.

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