Sunday, July 5, 2009

Book 27 of 2009: Prey by Rachel Vincent

In Rachel Vincent's fourth installment of the Shifters series, lots of action takes place. The novel starts of with several of the werecats, including the main character, Faythe, traveling through the "free territory" in order to meet-up with Faythe's boyfriend, Marc, while en route to deliver a new werecat mother, Manx, to a temporary home while she is on trial for murder. Unfortunately, the group is ambushed by a large pack of stray werecats. At first, the thinking is that the strays were after the tabbies, Faythe and Manx, but when Marc later turns up missing they realize there might have been a bit more to the ambush. Now Faythe and the rest of the south-central Pride are on the search for Marc in hopes that he is still alive when they find him!

Rachel Vincent continues on with a very well-written and tight series. I feel that this book is the most emotional of the series so far. As I’ve read all of the books, I've gotten attached to the characters, and the events in this particular book really got to me. I found myself crying for the whole of two to three chapters. Vincent is an author to keep an eye on for new books, as hers truly are "new". She keeps the storyline interesting and fast-paced with fresh ideas that haven't been done before. Highly Recommended.

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