Monday, July 27, 2009

Book 33 of 2009: Dusk by David A Doub, Maki Naro (Illustrator), Jerry Gonzales III (Illustrator)

Dusk is David Doub’s first graphic novel. The book has four chapters. The first chapter jumps into the story without providing much background, but the reader easily picks up that Eve is the willing servant to Vampire Lord Ash, and that the two of them hunt down vampires that are causing trouble in town. It is also apparent that Eve has a major crush on Ash. Ash doesn’t want Eve hurt, and tries to get her to leave. In chapter two, Ash goes as far as to attempt to trick her into leaving her "hunter" life. Eve doesn’t give in to Ash, though, and in chapter three she goes to the Alps in search of a vampire that has made a mistake. In the last chapter, Eve is after a high school boy that is also a "witch". He is being tormented at school and appears to be trying to cast a spell that will eliminate the situation if Eve doesn't stop him.

Dusk was penned by multiple artists and I think that the artwork got better throughout the book, which could be due to whom penned which chapter(s).The writing style is very strong , although I did get lost a bit and at times it felt like a little additional information would have clarified the story. Except for sharing some of the same characters, the four chapters do not appear to be connected stories, and it’s difficult to tell if the author intended for the stories to be connected or not. Dusk is a solid first graphic novel, though, and I would read more by David Doub in the future as I see definite potential in his work. Recommended.

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