Friday, July 31, 2009

Book 34 of 2009: As Fate Would Have It by Michael Louis Calvillo

Who would’ve guessed that the well-known chef at the fanciest restaurant in town would also happen to be a cannibal? Heather certainly didn’t when she accepted an invitation to go out on a date with him and agreed to accompany him home for a drink. When they reach his house, the power doesn't seem to be working and the furniture and floor are covered in plastic. Hmmm... Something doesn't seem quite right to poor Heather. Unfortunately, that turns out to be one of her last thoughts before our chef, Montgomery, slices ‘n’ dices her and prepares a murderously romantic dinner for his wife, Liz.

Heather’s death remains unknown for some time because, unfortunately, she had a fight with her best friend, Ashley, just before her death, and consequently, Ashley doesn't realize Heather is missing until she doesn't show up to work. Ashley and her boyfriend, Henry, are fighting with a major heroin addiction and aren’t really in their right minds, so thinking clearly about what might have become of Heather is not really the top thing on their agenda. Ultimately though, Ashley grasps that something has gone horribly wrong, and takes it upon herself to seek out Heather.

You wouldn’t typically think of the word “lyrical” when you think of “cannibalism”, but Michael Louis Calvillo has written a truly lyrical story with As Fate Would Have It. As I read this book I kept thinking of it as a love story because, in a way, it truly is. Yes, it was also horribly gruesome, violent, and disturbing in other ways, but it is, at the same time, a strangely romantic tale. I love what Calvillo did with this book and how he wove two disparate stories into one within the novel. To anyone that can handle a bit of gore to season their reading, they should definitely give this one a try as it’s worth the bit of queasiness said spice will likely put in your gut! Highly Recommended!

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