Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 - A Year In Movies

So my movie blog didn't get kept up to date this year after February *blush*, but I did watch movies after that, granted not nearly as many as books I read. I'm just not a big movie watcher. Anyway... was just thinking back on what movies I really enjoyed this year and came up with my top 10. I'll try to do better with keeping my blog up-to-date next year. :)

1. Drag Me To Hell (this is the first horror movie to really creep me out since I was a little kid therefore it deserves the #1 spot in my opinion... though it seems to be a love it or hate it movie based on the opinions I've been seeing around by my friends)

2. Orphan

3. Coraline (not sure how close it follows the book since I read the book several years back, but it's a gorgeous movie!)

4. The Orphanage

5. Severance

6. Vacancy

7. My Bloody Valentine 3-D (never saw the original so can't compare it to that one... I know there have been complaints about it being crappy in comparison)

8. Tideland

9. Public Enemies (you didn't seriously think I'd make it through a top 10 movie list WITHOUT a Johnny movie, did you?!?!? *grin*)

10. Fright Night

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