Friday, January 22, 2010

Book 8 of 2010: Sucker For Love by Kimberly Raye

Fifth in the Dead End Dating series by Kimberly Raye, Sucker For Love starts off with Lil Marchette hosting a special meet-and-greet dinner party for her Dead End Dating clients. The party seems to be a success, but then one of Lil's favorite clients, Esther, disappears, leaving only a bloody couch behind. Lil takes it upon herself to hunt down Esther and rescue her despite the warnings everyone has given her. In the meantime, Lil's mother is trying to do everything she can to prevent her brother's human wife from getting pregnant and keeps calling Lil to ask for her help. This is just one of many distractions Lil has during her rescue mission that set her back on time and make her wonder if she will find Esther and if she will be alive once she does.

Lil is definitely not your typical not badass vampire, but she sure tries! She may be afraid of losing a shoe or ruining one of her favorite outfits, but she will stop at nothing to save someone in need and that's what I love about Raye's Dead End Dating series. Despite the fashion references, her characters aren't complete idiots like in some books. Sucker for Love has a great setup and plot line, and there is a lot of buildup to the final chapters and resolution to the book. Lil deals with lots of challenges throughout the novel. I feel she has grown drastically in character within the last couple of books. If she hadn't, she would not have been able to handle the events of this particular book. Raye has done a wonderful job with the character growth of this series and I'm looking forward to what she has Lil getting into next. Highly Recommended.

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations

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