Friday, January 29, 2010

Book 10 of 2010: DemonFire by Kate Douglas

Tamed down only slightly from her Wolf Tales series, Kate Douglas has created a new series almost as spicy and fun-filled. Douglas' new DemonSlayers series has started off with a bang in Demonfire! The cast of Demonfire consists of a news reporter, a demon that has been tossed out of his previous world, a warrior from another world, a stray dog that seems to know what everyone is saying, and a small sprite that communicates with everyone through their minds individually. News reporter Eddy Marks first stumbles upon Dax, an exiled demon, she doesn't know what to make of him or the small sprite that is with him... and of course it doesn't help that she was distracted greatly, as he wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing and is extremely hot! She offers Dax her assistance and takes him to her home so he can explain what is going on. Dax tells Eddy that he is a fallen demon and was granted seven days to save the town of Evergreen. She has a hard time believing him until a concrete owl attacks them within Eddy's house. Dax and Eddy realize that they need more help, and go in search of the Lemurians, a race of mystical beings. They join forces with a warrior named Alton, and form a strong team to fight against the evil demons trying to take over Evergreen. They have less than seven days before Dax will be gone again... will they make it?

A superb cast... quirky dialogue... laughs at every corner... and, of course, smokin' hot sex scenes that only Douglas can write. Dax's character was probably my favorite as he was the most interesting for a couple of reasons. One reason was because he had a snake tattoo that ran a fairly good length of his body and seemed to come to life. It was what fed him his powers and also drained him of powers at times as well. Luckily, Eddy was able to help keep the snake under control to help Dax throughout his mission or he probably would've died early on. The other thing about Dax that I thought Douglas did a wonderful job at describing was how naive he was about this "new world" he had entered. It was like he was seeing everything for the first time. Douglas captured this so well and the way she described it, I could almost see myself looking through Dax's eyes while reading the novel. I was on edge throughout the entire book wondering what was going to become of Dax as he was supposed to be banished again from earth after his seven days were up. I had hopes that something would work out to keep him on earth, but didn't see any way for this to happen. I won't say if it worked out or not as to not spoil things for future readers, but I will say that I am really looking forward to reading the second book in this series, Hellfire, as this first one was spectacular! Highly Recommended!

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex

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