Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book 5 of 2010: Tall, Dark, & Fangsome by Michelle Rowen

Sarah Dearly is back for her fifth and final adventure in Tall, Dark & Fangsome. Still battling with the nightwalker curse that was bestowed upon her in Stakes & Stilettos, Sarah is playing "servant" to one of her worst enemies, Gideon Chase. Gideon is a vampire hunter, but for the last several years he has been under the torture of hellfire. He thinks Sarah is his solution and that if she turns him into a vampire, he will conquer said hellfire and be immortal and whole again. In order to get Sarah to follow through with his plan, Gideon is now blackmailing her, threatening to kill Thierry, her loving boyfriend which means saying goodbye to him. It's a good thing the Red Devil from the previous novel is still hanging around town. It seems like he may come in handy once again... especially when Sarah realizes she may have figured out his secret identity.

Once again, I found myself fully absorbed into the words of Michelle Rowen. Her Immortality Bites series has been so much fun to follow from start to finish and I'm sad to see that it has come to an end. The storyline of this particular novel had plot twists that left me guessing about what was to come next and who was up to no good, and I truly enjoyed the suspense. Since this is the final book in the series, I had to think back and wonder about whether the book had wrapped up everything I wanted to know about nicely in the end, and the answer was, yes. I'm disappointed that there won't be more to come, as I'd like to see where all of the remaining characters go from here, but I like how Rowen tied up all of the loose ends in the final chapters of the series. I give her major kudos for that as I hate being left to guess at what might happen in the future for the characters! Now that this series has ended I will be awaiting Rowen's new series to see what she has in store for us with a whole new cast of characters. Highly Recommended!

Contains: Mild Sexual Situations

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