Monday, January 18, 2010

Book 7 of 2010: Piecemeal June by Jordan Krall

Jordan Krall's first bizarro release through Eraserhead Press, Piecemeal June, is a strong first novel. It is the story of a guy named Kevin who lives above the town's one and only porn shop with his cat, Mithra. Said cat has a habit of bringing various things to Kevin, typically tarot cards, but one day he brings Kevin an ankle... and it's sweating! In the following days Mithra brings Kevin more body parts, and eventually Kevin has the complete makings of a full female. When he puts the female together, to his surprise, she comes to life and tells him her name is June. However, little does Kevin know, but Max Alexander, evil pornographer, and his three crab-human assassins are looking for June and will stop at nothing to get her back. Based on the blurb of the back of this book, I went into Piecemeal June thinking it might be heavy in regards to sex, but after reading it realized there honestly wasn't much to do with sex in the book at all. The book is actually more focused on a deeper love story between the characters in the book as you will see as you read it. Despite this being a "love story", however, Piecemeal June also is quite grotesque in parts. There is one character called Simon, the God of Whores, who is pretty darn foul! The scenes describing him and the things he does may make some readers retch a bit. For those accustomed to reading gross-out kinds of scenes, these parts shouldn't phase them one bit, but to others... I'm just giving fair warning that you might not want to eat right before reading this. All in all, this is a great first novel and I'm looking forward to reading the other works by Krall. Highly Recommended!

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations

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