Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book 3 of 2008: Sexy Devil by Sasha White

Okay girls... enjoy the cover art for a bit and then you can come back and read my review of this book... hee hee!!! *DROOOOOOOOOOL*

I hadn't heard of this book, but was browsing around Barnes & Noble and could NOT leave this guy sitting on the shelf. Do you blame me!?!?!? At any rate, in my defense, the book itself sounded good as well. It's somewhat paranormal, somewhat action, and lots of romance/erotica! So... a VERY good mix for me! The story consists of 3 short stories all intertwined at least somewhat.

I'd break the stories down to say a little bit about each of them, but honestly, I'd be repeating myself for each one. I LOVED the characters in each of the stories. Story 1 is focussed on Gina and Caleb... Story 2 is about Angelo (Gina's brother) and Jewel, and story 3 is about Mac (who is Gina's friend) and Nikki. Two other main characters, Drake and Nadya, were mentioned in stories 1 and/or 2, but we don't get to learn a great deal about them. I am hoping that Sasha will follow-up the stories in this book with more stories or novels based on these characters because they are quite likeable! In the 2nd story they are actually battling against a demon in order to save Nadya and it's quite the adventure, especially with the sexual tension building between Angelo and Jewel! I read a review somewhere where someone said that there wasn't enough sex in the 2nd story because it was just all the build-up, but honestly, that doesn't need to be the main focus of the full book IMO. I mean, yeah, I like sex scenes just as much as the next (probably more than some people in all actuality), but I like having other meat (no pun intended) to my books as well. So... I think the balance Sasha has of sex/action/romance/etc... was quite good. I highly recommend this read & I enjoyed this book so much that I'm actually reading another book by her now called BOUND. (more to come about that later in a future blog!)

Here's the description of SEXY DEVIL:

No one can resist the spell of a bad boy.

Surrender to Sasha White's sensual world, where red-hot passions simmer-and desires are unleashed with sinfully wicked pleasure.

"The Devil Inside"

Workaholic Caleb Mann used to think blind dates were a waste of time, but when his ex-girlfriend calls him boring in bed, Caleb becomes bent on changing his image fast -├┐with the help of the incredibly sexy woman standing in front of him.├┐ He barely knows his date's name, but her sassy mouth is almost hypnotizing, in more ways than one, and he can't stop fantasizing about replacing the sleek motorcycle between her firm thighs and letting her ride him all night long...

"Devil's Jewel"

Ex-soldier and psychic hunter Angelo Devlin has seen evil first-hand. He knows how perilous his assignments can be, and he doesn't welcome outside help, which makes his run-in with Jewel Kattalis all the more infuriating. But instead of sending her away, he wants to grab her, take her, and tease every inch of her beautiful body. This woman may be more dangerous than any mission he's ever been on before.

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