Sunday, January 6, 2008

Movie 1 of 2008: Night of the Living Dead

So I watched my first movie of 2008 yesterday. After visiting the LAIR of the YAK so often I decided I needed to give horror movies a try again. When I was younger I used to get scared of them, but I've always been able to read the books so assumed it was just the music and visuals that got to me. So... I took some recommendations from Nick the Yak and Chris Ramone on what some good horror movies would be. Nick's first suggestion was NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD so I started there. I gotta admit, I realy didn't enjoy the movie. (sorry Nick!!!) Granted, this movie is from the 60s so I'm sure some of the cheesiness is from that because a lot of older movies are quite cheesy, but I just didn't think there was much to the movie. Maybe that's the way it was supposed to be though... if so, well, they did a great job. LOL! I will admit that I enjoy the chase scene at the beginning of the movie after the first zombie killed Barbra's brother. She did pretty good with her acting job in being numb after the death and with the occasional hysterical outbursts. At any rate, it was probably a good starter horror movie for me, but definitely not a scary movie. Last year I watched 1408 based on a short story by Stephen King... now THAT movie made me jump... granted, only once. But... 1408 was also more of a suspense/thriller rather than a monster movie. So... I'm wondering if it's just the monster movies that I'm not into, but I'll give some more a try and see. I currently have HALLOWEEN here to watch so that's coming up later this week. I'll try posting my opinions regarding all of the movies I've rented and hopefully Nick and Chris get to pop by and read what I had to think. If not, I'm sure we'll get to talk about it in the LAIR. (assuming Op11 finally get up and running properly again *sigh*)

Beth (or anyone else)... I know you're quite into the horror movie scene as well... any recommendations? I don't like a ton of gore in my movies though so please keep that in mind. I don't mind killings and some blood, but it can be too much and I really don't like seeing the insides ripped out of a person's body. Bleech!

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