Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book 4 of 2008: Disposal by Jeff Strand

Yet another great Strand read! This is a short novella (only like 100 pages) but it's jam-packed with Jeff's witty off-the-handle jokes and gruesome descriptions. The book initially starts off with several popular authors (incluing J.A. Konrath & MaryJanice Davidson) blurbing their NEGATIVE opinions of both Jeff Strand and his book and then ending with a rebuttal from Mr. Strand himself before the story itself starts off. (if you read this book do NOT skip over the introductions because they are classic!!!)

The story starts off with the main character, Frank, robbing a dry cleaning facility and Frank's day just goes downhill from there as the girl he robs asks him to kill her husband (who she's already tried killing plenty of different ways with absolutely no luck in taking his final breath away), he gets mugged, pissed on by a wino, questioned by the cops, devoured (almost) by a couple of homeless guys, etc... This story is full to the brim with events that you can't possibly fathom actually happening, but that's what we love so much about Jeff's stories. He truly allows us to step away from reality and just shake our heads & bust a gut laughing at this truly bizzare situations he puts his character's in.

Once again, I have to raise a glass up to cheer Jeff Strand for another fabulous story! (or kiss ass to as Cornelius would tell me)

Description of Disposal:

Meet Frank, a truly reprehensible human being. An egotistical sexist morally vacant scumbag who gets off on committing armed robbery. The kind of creep whose smirk you want to rub off with razor blade-laced sandpaper.

But when he robs Gretchen at gunpoint, he'll get a lot more than the twelve bucks in her cash register. She makes him an offer he can't refuse: Kill her husband in exchange for sex. The problem is that her husband is hard to kill. Really hard to kill. Like, the bastard just won't frickin' DIE!!!

Lots of bad and occasionally disgusting things happen.

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