Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Movie 8 of 2008: A Tale of Two Sisters

Okay, I heard many good things about this movie and I enjoyed it while I watched it, but... I had no clue what was going on!!! There was a scene that made me "jump" so that always makes for an interesting movie. Ha ha! Anyway, back to the plot... since Tom Piccirilli was one of the people that highly recommended this to me I had to message him and find out if he could explain it to me, which he did... in quite detail I might add. I can't believe how much I missed about what was going on within this flick. Of course, I think my multi-tasking and lack of complete focus might've had something to do with it... though most asian films tend to be along the weird & bizarre side and hard to follow a lot of the time. I'm definitely going to re-watch this movie to see if I can grasp a better understanding of it though because the movie is extremely interesting and now that I've had it explained a bit I think I can try to follow it quite a bit better. Thanks Tom!!!

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