Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book 5 of 2008: Bound by Sasha White

WOWZERS!!!!!! I loved this book! I flew through it VERY quickly (well, for me anyway... started it Saturday evening I believe and finished it up on my lunch break Tuesday). This is one HOT book! Sasha definitely is an intriguing erotica author, though I wouldn't say ALL erotica readers would enjoy her. I have a very open mind and enjoy reading all genres of erotica, but this book leaned heavily on submission and domination. So... with that said, I wouldn't recommend the book to someone that just likes things vanilla in the bedroom even if they do like a little bit of chocolate sauce and sprinkles from time to time. On the other hand, for those that DO enjoy spicy sex and trying out new things, I HIGHLY recommend this read! My only complaints with the book are the typos that the editor missed (just like my issue with SEXY DEVIL) and that the book ended! I so wanted to see what other adventures Katie would get into with Joe/Karl. (granted, the scenes with Karl definitely weren't long enough!!! thank goodness he is reappearing in my current read, TROUBLE, and is the main character in Sasha's latest HEAT book, WICKED!!! I can't wait to hear what all he gets into! )

Book Description:

Bound by fantasy.

Everyone thinks small town Katie Long is the good girl looking for tender romance. All she needs is to find the right man. Katie couldn't agree more. She too has always fantasized about the "right man." But what she's looking for is one who'll give her exactly what she wants. And everything she needs.

Bound by desire.
Joe Carson is that man. A security guard at a local casino, he's the answer to her sensual prayers. But there's more to Joe than even Katie realizes. And more to their nightgames than just master and slave.

Now Katie wonders just how far she'll go with a man who's more than ready to take her...

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