Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book 11 of 2010: Loving the Undead by Various Authors

Loving the Undead consists of twenty-five short stories of undead "love". The majority of the stories are about zombies, but there are also stories with vampires, ghouls, and ghosts to fulfill the desires of all paranormal enthusiasts. It's hard to define this book as horror, paranormal romance, or urban fantasy as it has a little bit of it all, so readers of any of these genres should find something within the pages of this book to enjoy. Some of my personal favorites were "The Sheik and I" by Leslie Brown, where an employee of the month won her own personal zombie for a year; "In the Closet" by E.C. Myers, where there was a case of mistaken identity at a Halloween party; "An Acquired Taste" by Mark Henry, the story that gives a first peek at Henry's Amanda Feral zombie series (though at the time her name was spelled Amanda Farrel); and "Wilma's Passion" by Michael A. Kechula, which shows us just how far a woman will go for zombie love. Those are just a few of the great stories collected within Loving the Undead. Some of the stories are definitely weaker than others and some readers may prefer other stories to the ones I liked, as humor typically appeals to me over the more serious stories. The biggest flaw with this collection was the numerous typos. I was able to look past this, however, to enjoy the works within, and I think this would be a good anthology for any library to have in their collection. Recommended.

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations

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