Friday, February 12, 2010

Book 15 of 2010: Alice in Zombieland by Lewis Carroll & Nickolas Cook

Alice in Zombieland is a parody of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Unlike the original, Alice doesn't fall down a rabbit hole, but rather into a grave in a graveyard where she enjoys spending her time. While in Zombieland, Alice deals with her own flesh rotting as well as hair loss. She can't quite comprehend what is going on with her and as she runs into the inhabitants of Zombieland (including the Dead Hare, the Corpse Turtle, and the Black Rat who takes the place of the White Rabbit from Wonderland) she grows even more disturbed by her surroundings and just wants to find a way to return home.

Since I had just read the original, I was able to compare the two pretty closely. Unfortunately, I felt like I was just reading the same books back to back. Cook takes Carroll's classic story and changes a few passages here and there, but overall it's not that different from the original story. There were some added scenes, however, that were very good. One that sticks out in my mind is the game of zombie croquet, where instead of the flamingos and hedgehogs that were used as the tools of the croquet game in Wonderland, this version was played with dismembered legs for mallets and zombie heads for balls. It's a grotesquely fun scene that zombie fans should eat up! Alice in Zombieland, though an interesting concept, just didn't blow me away. Had the story been re-written completely with general references to the original telling of the story, I think it could have been a cult classic. Still, I think zombie fanatics will at least want to give this a read to check out the croquet game as well as some of the other intriguing scenes.

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