Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book 19 of 2010: Shift by Rachel Vincent

Faythe and her werecat family and friends are back in yet another adventure in this fifth installment of Rachel Vincent's werecat series. During the continued debate from the previous novel, Prey, regarding whether Sanders will keep his spot as Chair of the Territorial Council or not, the clan is attacked by a new group of shifters, the Thunderbirds. It appears that the Thunderbirds are specifically targeting the tabbies of the group, so they try to sneak off to safety, only to end up having the youngest, Kaci, and also Faythe, snatched away. Faythe convinces the Thunderbirds to allow her to seek out the person they are truly hunting and in return asks for herself and Kaci to be set free. They agree to this and let Faythe go in order to fulfill her mission. Faythe's father sends both Marc and Jace to help her. Here the tension builds as, if you recall from the previous book, Faythe and Jace had a one night stand that Marc (who is Faythe's boyfriend) does not yet know about... and of course, that one night stand has led to some mixed and confused emotions for Faythe. Will the trio being able to complete their mission, or will all of the emotions come crashing down on them, and cause them to get delayed in completing the task at hand?

The werecat series continues to enthrall me, which means I'm going to be saddened once I read the next and final book. The Thunderbirds were a great addition to the "cast" of this series and I am suspecting we will hear more about them in the next novel. There was a major emphasis on the Thunderbirds, obviously, since they were the big "baddies" of the book, but there was also a major focus on the love triangle that is going on between Marc, Faythe, and Jace. I kept waiting for Faythe to finally spill the beans to Marc regarding what had occurred between her and Jace and was shocked by how the story finally got laid out on the table. Not nearly as shocked as Marc, of course, but this sure built up the tension level in the book! I'm not sure whether Marc will ever forgive Faythe, and yet I don't know if she truly could love Jace after knowing how things are between her and Marc now. There are many loose ends regarding this and also the battles going on between the various groups within the series for Vincent to wrap up in the final novel of this series. I'm highly looking forward to it. Shift, along with the rest of this series, would be a great addition to any library's urban fantasy collection. Vincent is a must read to this genre's fans!

Contains: Adult Situations, Adult Language, Violence

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