Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book 18 of 2010: Scissors by Ray Garton

Ray Garton's latest Leisure release, Scissors, delves deep into the mind of Stuart Mullond. At the start of the novel, Stuart vividly recalls a surgery performed on him when he was a young boy. Stuart's memory of the surgery is a bit different than the way his mom, who was in the room with him during surgery, remembers it. His memories are a bit more frightening and have left him traumatized ever since the procedure was done. Now he is starting to see the doctor in question, Dr. Furgeson, in various places when he is out and even around his own home. What's even more disturbing is that the doctor is always carrying around the pair of scissors from Stuart's memories. Stuart can hear the *snick, snick, snick* of the scissors and also hears Furgeson telling him that his son needs to go through the same procedure. Stuart will do anything to save his son, even if everyone around him thinks he's crazy!

Garton had me enthralled with the story of Stuart Mullond from beginning to end. I was glued to the pages, needing to find out what was going on in Stuart's mind. At times he would idly spend hours and hours in his garage doodling pictures that most would consider comic-like, but at times, the pictures seemed to come to life. Were the pictures truly coming to life or was it all a figment of Stuart's imagination? Garton completely screws with your head as you read along to find out the answer to this question and also leaves you wondering throughout if Stuart is as crazy as his family thinks. Parts of this story had me so weirded out that I actually had chills running through me. No horror book has EVER done that to me! It creeped me out and messed with my head. That is the key to a great horror novel! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence, Mild Gore

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  1. You've really got to stop reading such trash.

  2. Yeah... I'm figuring I'll probably go blind in another couple years.