Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book 23 of 2010: Predatoress by Emma Gabor

Written as a memoir by the author, Predatoress tells the tale of 18-year-old Emma Gabor, who is turned into a vampiress, and her adventures. Turned into one of the undead at the start of the book, Emma begins feeding on innocent victims, but chooses them carefully, such as homeless people that would not be missed. She quickly becomes bored with running around at night alone and decides that turning her best friend into a vampiress as well will help keep her company. This turns out to be both good and bad for young Emma, as her friend is upset with being turned into a vampiress, and also makes things more complicated for Emma in the long run. Later, they turn two more of their girlfriends and start hunting as a group of four. Emma soon meets Zoltan Szabo, a genetic researcher her girlfriends have lusted after for years, and he immediately falls for Emma, unaware that she is one of the undead. Emma is hopeful that once she tells Zoltan of her condition that they can come up with a cure for vampirism so that she can fix all the damage she has done. Of course, she doesn't think too much about what will happen when a non-vampire finds out her secret!

Predatoress appears to be the first book by Emma Gabor. Honestly, it felt like the author was haphazardly throwing down as many thoughts as she could before forgetting them, but unfortunately she forgot to add in a really good plot or to flesh out the story. I wouldn't say Gabor doesn't have a future as a writer, as I think with practice she could easily turn her ideas into a well-written story. However, many scenes within this novel I couldn't see possibly happening in real life, and even fiction should be believable to the reader. For example, Zoltan invites Emma to a dance. While there, Emma gets hungry, and corners someone in the ladies' room. Yet, nobody notices the other girl's absence from the dance until it is over. Once the dance has concluded, Zoltan takes Emma back to his place where she loses her virginity to him. He then returns Emma to her parents' house, where her mother has fallen asleep downstairs while waiting for her. Emma's mother is upset that she has been brought home at six in the morning. She asks Zoltan why he brought Emma home so late, and he proceeds to tell her that they fell in love and then made love, and tries to comfort the mother by telling her that they used protection. Then Emma's father joins the room, Zoltan proposes to Emma, and everyone is so excited by the prospect of a wedding that the trouble Emma was in is forgotten abruptly. For me, anyway, this scene just seems bizarre. I mean, what parents in their right mind would handle a scenario like this in this fashion? This is just one of many examples of such things in Predatoress. I did find myself enjoying the book at times, j ust because the scenes struck me as so absurd they were laughable. For those who don't care as much for plot and just like to gobble up as many vampire titles as possible, I'd recommend this book, but for anyone else... do yourselves a favor and pass over this title for one of the several thousand other vampire titles on the shelves today.

Contains: Adult Situations, Blood Sucking

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