Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book 42 of 2008: Benjamin’s Parasite by Jeff Strand

I won't say much about this one here since it's not published yet, but I'll link to the post that Jeff has announced the release of his latest and greatest...

Benjamin's Parasite release date info

I will say this though... FABULOUS BOOK!!! My favorite part was the scene at the hardware store.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Book 41 of 2008: Male Me by Amarinda Jones

Book Description:

After Delaware Brooks sends a silly email about what she would like the new boss to do to her, she is called into the boss's office. The punishment? Every hot, sexual craving she has ever had, fulfilled. But Templeton McAdam is not the only new man in her life. His best friend, Speed is invited to enjoy Delaware much to her surprise and excitement. Two men. One woman. Their only desire is to please her.

Intense pleasure is one thing, but is it wrong to enjoy both men? What would a good girl do? And should she be falling in love with them so fast? But sudden love is not the only problem Delaware has. Someone is watching her every move and planning on teaching her a lesson.

My Opinion:

I didn't review this here upon initial reading as I read it to review prior to its release. This story was a lot different than a lot of the erotica I've read, but I really enjoyed the style it was done in. In particularly I loved the scene where the guys tied Delaware down and after teasing her a bit left her there... then they came back later with cheesecake. I won't say what all happened here just because I don't want to spoil it all, but I thought it was quite funn. I thoroughly enjoyed this story though and will be definitely looking for more to come from Amarinda Jones.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Book 40 of 2008: Seven Nights of Sin by Lacey Alexander

Book Description:

From the author of Voyeur comes a sizzling novel about seven steamy nights in Sin City, each one hotter than the last...

Brenna Cayton doesn't need a man. At least that's what she keeps telling herself. Then her boss sends her on a business trip to Vegas to make sure Damon Andros-the sexiest man in the entire music industry-doesn't live up to his bad boy image. But before she knows it, business turns to extreme pleasure as Damon brings out her naughty side, fulfilling every one of her wildest fantasies. Now, she has just seven sultry nights to commit every sin in the book. Because once Damon discovers her dirty little secret, he'll surely never indulge their lust again...

My Opinion:

Hot... Hot... Hot!!!!!!!!!!!! Lacey does it again! This book gets hotter night after night in "Sin City" as Brenna learns to let go and reveal her bad girl side to Damon. I devoured this book and still wish there was more to it. I can't wait to see what Alexander has in store for us next. For those of you out there that like your erotica hot, be sure to give Lacey Alexander a try or... for those of you who want it a little more tame... try out Toni Blake... they're one in the same person, but the books are VERY different! Both pseudonyms write fabulous books and I highly recommend them both!