Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book 81 of 2010: Draculas by Various Authors

Losing at his battle with cancer, Mortimer Moorecock decides to find his own “cure”. He purchases an old artifact, more specifically a skull with elongated teeth. Shortly after the skull’s arrival, Moorecock uses the skull to “bite” himself. Immediately following, he goes into convulsions, which neither his nurse or research assistant can control, so they are forced to call for an ambulance. Once at the hospital Moorecock dies… well… not exactly. It appears that the skull was holding some special “venom” in order to transform those it bites into Draculas, aka vampires. And with one wild Dracula in a hospital full of people, you can only imagine what happens next.

Draculas is one of the most unique horror books to date. Not only is the novel written in sections based on different characters’ viewpoints, but it is also written by four of the best horror authors around: Jeff Strand, Jack Kilborn, F. Paul Wilson, and Blake Crouch. Each author writes from the viewpoints of the characters they’ve brought to life and the stories of each character are intertwined throughout as the madness runs amok at the hospital. While reading Draculas, I got the impression that each author was trying to “one up” the previous one by killing the next victim in a more horrific way, as well as adding in an even funnier moment/joke. This just made the story that much more enjoyable, as it was impossible to predict what was going to happen next. Sure, someone was probably going to die, but who and how? Most all of the characters are memorable for one reason or another, but the one that stood out most to me was Benny the Clown. I assumed he’d freak me out due to my coulrophobia (fear of clowns), but I actually was cracking up during most of his scenes. I just couldn’t believe some of the tricks he had up his sleeve. Yes, this is a horror book, but that being said, it’s definitely comic relief as well. The authors involved in this project are fantastic horror authors, but are also all known for having a comedic angle mixed within most of their writing. That fact alone makes them powerful authors and you can see that within the pages of Draculas. Definitely a horror novel not to be missed!

Additionally, Draculas is only available in e-format. This allowed the authors to get the novel out quicker to readers and also gave them the freedom to add in bonus material. And who doesn’t like “freebies”? Draculas is the first e-book that reads like a DVD. Featured is an interview with the authors, deleted scenes, alternate endings, behind-the-scenes of Draculas(which consists of over seven hundred emails between the authors), extra short stories, and more! For $2.99 for the Kindle download, what are you waiting for?

Contains: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence, Gore