Friday, February 1, 2008

Book 6 of 2008: Trouble by Sasha White

Book Description:

Samair Jones is fed up with being a pushover for her boss and for her two-timing boyfriend. All she wants is to live by her own rules. Then she meets hot nightclub owner Valentine Ward and the decadent possibilities of answering only to herself become daringly clear. Especially when Valentine is willing to indulge every one of Samair's fantasies- no strings attached. At least none that Samair can see. Then she meets Valentine's powerful, jealous, and dangerously manipulative ex-wife Vera. Vera's about to throw a new kink into Samair and Valentine's games. But this one could be trouble.

My Opinion:

Well, what can I say... Sasha has me hooked! She's definitely one of my new favorite authors! I am having a hard time putting her books down once I start them. I finished this one in just a couple of days and I'm distraught because has yet to ship my copy of WICKED!!! (thank god I had a gift certificate!!!) This book didn't start off as BOUND immediately, but it only took a few chapters to get me hooked. I ended up loving Samair's character a LOT! I was having trouble for a while there because Samair sounded more like the guy's name than Val did, but after a while I got used to it. Samair's character grew so much in this book and learned so much about herself... as well as helping her friend, Joey, learn more about herself as well. TROUBLE seemed to have more story to it than BOUND did, though I think that was because the main focus of BOUND was for the character to learn about being a submissive. This book, on the other hand, focuses on the relationship that is spurring between Samair and Val and there is just hot sex thrown in throughout. It was just an all-around good story. Now... I just want to know what is going to happen to Karl!!! He's the main focus of WICKED and I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK SOON AMAZON!!!!

(note: I realized I probably should've been putting the book description above my opinion on all of these, but I'm not going back to fix the others so just expect them this way in the future! )

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